Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever

Shortage of affordable housing: prospects for hotel owners provided by Maxwell Drever

Cities and towns face a short supply of affordable housing, furnished apartments on a monthly or weekly rent basis says Maxwell Drever. The demand for this residential unit is increasing in leaps and bounds because the workforce population is rising. To maintain their living standards and provide them with a safe environment, various hotel owners transform their properties to cater to the workforce population. Affordable housing is the best option to give this populace a steady and stable residence.


  • Adhere to local provisions

The issue has taken a global stance because of its varied impact. Local policymakers and higher authorities are frequently reporting about affordable housing. Various higher officials organize seminars and workshops on affordable housing and its related aspects, their top priority.

  • They are trying to build standards that the residential properties must adhere to ensure better supply.
  • By making provisions for progressive policies and programs, the government is trying to facilitate the smooth supply of residential properties.


  • The underlying challenges

No construction is devoid of challenges. There are various myths and misconceptions correlated with this concept of affordable housing. As a result, several hotel owners refrain from transforming their properties into residential estates. However, Maxwell Drever holds affordable residential units at the top of the public policy program. These projects can provide regular revenues to hotel owners and property investors. Additionally, they cater to the economy by obtaining easy returns for the hotel owners.


  • Relaxation of zoning programs

As already discussed, policymakers are reconsidering their approach to housing policies. They are trying to ensure a smooth supply of housing units by curtailing the zoning protocols. They are trying to clarify the current data and assist hotel owners in undertaking such initiatives.

The need of the hour is a partnership between the public and private sectors. When these come together to provide better living standards, nothing stays unresolved.

Hotel owners must thereby discuss their plans and blueprint with government officials. Maxwell Drever assumes they can adhere to the means by understanding the sophistication and scope of housing policies. They must also be attentive to the building regulations and code of conduct. If the transformation is not cost-effective, the overall budget will go high.

Discussions with policymakers and higher officials are necessary for evaluating housing expenditure. If the government provides grants and incentives, the hotel owners must grab these to grab a steady flow of revenues. Concerns regarding high housing cost and the income ratio are a matter of concern. Hence, to refrain these households from purchasing expensive units, hotel owners must step forward and cater to the medium-income group.

They are the major service providers. Hence, when they are satiated, they can perform better. Also, the transformation will promise a better outcome for the economy and government revenues in the long run. Policymakers create a difference by diagnosing the underlying causes and discussing the related solutions. Policymakers should make favorable policies to reshape society. The workforce population needs a better living, and they deserve it too.