Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever

Repurposing hotel rooms into affordable housing the way Maxwell Drever anticipates

Various bills have been underway in legislative assemblies since 2021 for allowing underused commercial buildings and hotel rooms to be transformed into residential buildings. By superseding construction standards and local zoning protocol, it will be possible to provide the workforce population decent lodging explains Maxwell Drever.


Many of these individuals are financially distressed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you look at reports of the housing department, you will see that countless funding methods are underway to help new constructions come into vogue. Affordability constraints, geographic availability, and private sector involvement differ across regions. Parliaments all across the globe are thereby looking for ideas to transform existing properties into residential units to help the backbone of society come back on track.


  • It is not devoid of challenges

Transforming vacant hotels into residential buildings might look like a fantastic concept that will pay off. However, things are not that easy. As Maxwell Drever reveals, capital sources know this and thus expect sponsors for transfiguring the existing hotels into residential units.

Remember that these projects may benefit real estate investors and property owners.


It is because the demand for residential units is always high.  However, pricing determines the way an individual leverages the service. Location, availability of resources, and basic amenities are a few vital factors to consider. Remember that the low and medium-income families have an area median income of 60 to 120%. Hence, they cannot spend more than 30 to 40% of their income paying rent. As a result, providing them with a residential unit is the government’s responsibility.


  • Analyze available facilities for better outcomes

If you look at luxurious hotels, you will notice that they include bathrooms, lobby, kitchen areas, and also living spaces. Substantial interior transforms the look of each room. Hence, repurposing these rooms into a flat requires proper assessment.


The demand of the workforce is straight. They need a homely environment with basic communities. Therefore, when you are thinking of converting your hotel rooms into multifamily projects, you have to understand the requirements of your target audience. You have to pay attention to the building codes suitable for this type of conversion.

The entire construction must accommodate baths, bedrooms, kitchen area, living area, etc. Several construction codes must get evaluated, like fire barriers, fire sprinklers, and emergency access.


  • How can the government resolve this issue?

The role of the government is straightforward. They have to relax their zoning protocol and building construction regulations to help real estate investors undertake these projects. By reducing the authoritarian control over these projects, you can do a lot to assist local bodies in developing these projects with ease, as described by Maxwell Drever.


The next step is the detailed assessment of the existing hotel structure and making provisions for its repair and rectification. After this, a blueprint of the conversion must work out. After things are in place, approach professionals to start the transformation process. Along with this, paying attention to various problems associated with housing need proper attention.