Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever: US Affordable Workforce Housing Projects in the Works

Workforce housing has been helping millions of median-income working-class families find affordable accommodations. There are multiple affordable workforce housing projects in the works in the United States. Here Maxwell Drever, the Founder and Chairman of DCM lists and talks about a few of them.

Courthouse Lofts, Worcester, Massachusetts

The Worcester County Courthouse has been sitting vacant since 2008; this is changing as the architectural gem is being converted into a mixed-income apartment complex by Trinity Financial.

Upon its completion, the project will provide 117 mixed-income apartments. It is a part of a larger revitalization project of the Lincoln Square District. This complex will feature one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and will sit just north of Downtown Worcester.

The project will provide homes for a range of incomes. Low-income, moderate-income, and median-income families all will be eligible to live in these homes, including those who can afford market rates. 50% of the project is planned to be sold at the market rate, while 50% will be divided into varying income ranges.

Westside at Shady Grove, Rockville, Maryland

The Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs has partnered with builders and developers for a workforce housing program very near to the Shady Grove Metro station. The plan is to grow the community over time to over 1,200 residential townhomes and multi-family homes.

The program is designed to be affordable to families who have an income level less than 120% of the median income of the Washington Metropolitan Area. It will also feature fitness centers, parks, and community gardens within two miles of the metro station.

191 Talbot Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts

191 Talbot Avenue is a new workforce housing plan which will deliver 14 new homes to median-income residents. The project will feature 9 two-bedroom apartments, 1 one-bedroom apartment, and 4 studio apartments. The building will also include retail space on the ground floor for a community marketplace.

Eleven of these homes will be offered to households earning below 90% of the area’s median income. The other three units will be offered to residents below the 80% median income earnings mark.

North Commons at Village Hill, Northampton, Massachusetts

The Community Builders are building a new and affordable workforce rental housing project at the former Northampton State Hospital. It is planned to be a 53-unit housing scheme for a broad range of income levels.

Out of the 53 apartments in the complex, 12 units will be restricted to households earning lower than 30% of the area median income. Three units will be offered to households at the 50% median income mark, and 24 units will be restricted to households earning up to 60% of the area’s median income. The remaining units are planned to be offered to households whose median income is below 90% of the area’s median income.

Parcel 8 & 9, Lowell, Massachusetts

WinnCompanies are developing a workforce housing plan designated by The City of Lowell. Parcels 8 and 9 are a part of a bigger revitalization plan for the district.

Winncompanies is building 125 mixed-income apartments in the two five-story buildings. The apartments will be divided and offered to households with varying income levels. The apartment complex will feature 63 one-bedroom apartments, 47 two-bedroom apartments, and 15 studio apartments. It will also feature an outdoor courtyard, an indoor area for recreational activities, and commercial spaces.

To learn more about these workforce housing projects, contact Maxwell Drever now. Visit the Maxwell Drever website to know how you can apply for these housing plans and the eligibility requirements.