Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever

Maxwell Drever offers a comprehensive guide to simplify the concept of affordable housing

Housing policies comprise one of the critical issues faced by the government. It deals with overlapping problems, and house developers face difficulty ensuring that every individual has a roof over their head that is decent and affordable. Another crucial factor is maintaining community ties without losing out on the privilege of being in the right place. Many home renters lookout for economic diversity in the places they wish to reside, such as metropolitan areas and neighboring locations. According to Maxwell Drever, there has been a considerable shortfall for such rental businesses with the increasing demand for affordable dwelling units.


Understanding the need for an affordable home

The housing course for low-income individuals is more than they earn. In some cities and states, the working population cannot make ends meet due to exorbitant housing wages. However, many people cannot make the most of job opportunities in the least affordable cities due to a lack of affordable living. Measures such as rent control, targeted subsidies, and zoning of areas can address the concern of affordable living. However, studies approve that increasing the supply of such houses is one of the crucial steps to overcome such a hurdle.


Here are a few policies that policymakers may use to enhance housing affordability:

Policy experts in the housing sector have laid down several measures to make a substantial difference, thereby offering affordable houses to the workforce population.


  1. Financial support

One of the most significant considerations to making homes affordable for the workforce population. It is to provide them financial support or offer a living at a low cost. Individuals belonging to the low-income groups will be able to meet other expenditures. If they acquire a house at a discounted price. However, people that receive a large sum as financial support. Can choose from a wide range of places and cherry-pick the one that suits them the best.


  1. Increasing supply

Another policy undertaken by housing experts is to increase the supply of houses in a specific metropolitan area. You can conduct such a measure by minimizing restrictions on the number. And size of dwellings or minimizing limitations on the mandatory sizes of individual houses. You can apply such a policy to cities with several zoning rules that reduce the housing supply.


  1. The policy of rent control

By implementing the rent control policy, housing experts can put a cover on the amount charged by a landlord, thereby making houses more accessible and affordable to the working class, affirms Maxwell Drever. However, such a strategy can reduce the profits of house developers and landlords simultaneously. The rent control measures can eventually minimize the number of houses. As it would be less profitable to establish a new apartment.

Many activists have taken up the rent control measure or inclusion rezoning policies to overcome. The affordability issue of workforce housing. However, such a tool is only helpful in redistributing already existing homes. Therefore it is necessary to increase the supply of affordable dwelling units. Thereby meeting the demands of the increasing number of people expecting to dwell in a decent place.