Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Investing in affordable workforce housing – Maxwell Drever talks about the benefits over challenges

Recently, the demand for low-cost workforce housing has gone up significantly. It means that you might receive a favorable return in the premium projects in well-developed sectors says Maxwell Drever. The high-end premium housing projects are overpriced. Also, there is marginal or zero scope for any cost increase in the days to come.

Today, there is significant risk associated with investing in such projects. Also, the low-cost housing projects provide you with an improved investment choice with less risk as the low-cost housing project costs will go up in the future. According to Maxwell Drever, here are a few reasons why investing in low-cost workforce housing is beneficial.

Increased appreciation

Today, the affordable segment projects are situated at the city outskirts, which are presently in a relatively underdeveloped phase; that’s why the properties are available at an affordable rate. Additionally, the main city developments are high, and the current focus shifted to the city’s outskirts. Also, such areas are gaining increased force, and the infrastructure is also getting enhanced at a high rate. Today, there are massive scopes for the buyers and developers to invest in the low-cost housing segment and get back an increased return for the coming days.

Reduced risk

A buyer ongoingly estimates the risk before making any investment, irrespective of it being the share market, real estate sector, or any other investment type. Even though a significant risk is involved with the share market, it’s not the same with a low-cost housing project. The affordable projects have a restricted chance as the property cost is low. One can anticipate favorable returns from the projects. You can also expect a fixed rental income monthly.

Lavish projects market saturation

The lavish premium project costs have attained their peak, and there isn’t any more scope for it. Also, the gap between premium and affordable projects is very high. Hence, the buyers are moving to the low-cost segment. Also, the renowned developers are investing in the low-cost part as they have got ample scopes in this segment.

Increased resale value

The maximized demand in the affordable housing sector has increased the need for resale property. Today, people are keen to invest in resale properties due to their low budget. The resale value will not be steep since the low-cost housing projects are available at a lesser price.

Last but not least, Maxwell Drever talks about high returns. Making a property investment is an ideal wealth available with the increasing choices that will ensure a great return. Some people want to invest in the property with an increased return but don’t wish to take significant risk owing to the real estate market fluctuations. However, when it comes to affordable housing property, you can increase your profit by reselling a property for an increased price. You can also rent out a property to get a regular income flow. The affordable housing society can be the ideal investment choice to attain a good income in such a situation.