Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Delivering Affordable Workforce Housing – Maxwell Drever Shows the Way

If you take a look at the housing sector and real estate segment in the United States, you will find that homelessness is an acute problem says Maxwell Drever. Having said that, the housing crisis is not a new one. But the sudden pandemic outbreak had aggravated that issue further. Today, the workforce section is not able to afford proper homes and accommodations because of their low-wage. As a result, most of them have to shift to the rural and remote areas in search for a house. That makes them spend more time in traffic to reach their workplace and pay a heavy traffic price.

Additionally, not having adequate housing facilities can make a person live in poor condition. That, in turn results in poor health conditions, which gets translated at work as low productivity. Also, people who reside in high-cost homes fail to pay for other essential lifestyle needs. And eventually, they will also fail to pay their house rents, as a result they will get evicted from their house and become homeless. Hence, it is necessary to come up with a solution that helps to helps to deliver affordable workforce housing projects. Maxwell Drever has come up with a few ways to address and deal with this problem.

  1. Searching for available lands

If we are to develop affordable workforce housing, we need to develop the space to get it arrange. That means it is essential for the government authorities and other accountable groups to search for available land and vacant areas where they can commence an affordable housing development project. Today, there are several empty lands available all across the United States, that are empty. When you decide to build a low-cost housing unit in such a land, you use it in a productive way and address the housing crisis.

  1. Getting interested investors on board

Any construction project requires capital investment. While there are several places across the United States, like Madison City, California or New York City, where the government has provided adequate funds to go ahead with such a project, other areas require the necessary funds to commence such a project. Here it is essential to get in the lucrative investors. Here the government and other popular authorities should take charge to educate the investors about the scope and diversity of a low-cost workforce housing project. They should also explain the profits that are expect to follow to get the best set of investors on board to start the project.

  1. Conversion of abandoned properties

According to Maxwell Drever, it is one of the smartest ways to deal with the housing crisis. And also to offer affordable housing to people who need it. There are several old and broken motels, mansions and abandoned properties across the United States. It’s time to identify some of these properties and put them to good use. Converting them into affordable workforce housing will be less costly than building a new property. It is something that the governments and other concerned authorities should look into.

These are some ways to address the housing crisis issue and deliver low-cost workforce housing to the targeted section.