Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever Scholarship

An increasing number of hotels are getting converted to affordable workforce housing – Views by Maxwell Drever

It takes immense effort when you transform a hotel into a housing unit. However, the hotel rooms are getting converted to affordable workforce units with the required skills and expertise explains Maxwell Drever. All this is possible because of the availability of the table, bathroom, bed, and various other elements. Many hotels have kitchen spaces that get converted to total apartments.

There have been massive hotel conversions in recent times to get a house for the workforce population. And that helps to offer a solution to the homeless section, which is acute in the United States.

The low-cost workforce housing and the pandemic

The world is still witnessing the impact of the sudden pandemic outbreak. According to Maxwell Drever, the policymakers tend to debate the attempt to convert unused and broken hotels to develop affordable workforce housing. As a concept, it’s compelling. Also, the global COVID-19 outbreak has led to the decline of many hotels and other abandoned properties all over the United States. Furthermore, in specific sectors, the after-effect of COVID-19 has been severe. The segment usually includes the hotels that have gone through loss because of business and international travel restrictions.

Even today, some hotels are vacant and are not generating good business. Similarly, there are people in the US undergoing a housing problem. The majority of them get burden because of the increase house rent worsen by the pandemic outbreak. Therefore, the unuse, broke hotels are look upon as an asset to work on. Also, most of these hotels are getting used to providing shelter for those who require it. If you consider all these factors, you will know that it adds to the increasing problem of homelessness and the current housing crisis.

Understanding the challenge at hand

It’s good news that certain hotel owners are showing interest in offering their properties to get convert into housing units. Here one needs to realize that not all hotels are ready to get convert. Due to the business model, design, and location, few hotels are in a better state to undergo a seamless transformation to low-cost workforce housing. On the other hand, specific hotels can need economical and minimal renovations.

Specific regulations can bring about a challenge. It’s essential to know and realize that the state can’t surpass the federal law. Therefore, there is no need for developers to cater to the federal availability requirements. But there can be hotels requiring gut rehabilitation to transform into a residential unit in various hotels.

Wrapping things up

The system of converting hotels to make affordable workforce accommodation promises to resolve the housing crisis and homelessness to a certain extent. According to Maxwell Drever, the mass conversion of the broken and the old hotels to the affordable workforce housing projects has many benefits. And some of it includes the construction cost affordable rents, which start from approximately $500 monthly and have the scope to bring down the housing crisis.