Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Maxwell Drever Scholarship

Able Hotel Owners Depend on Maxwell Drever and Galen to Convert Their Hotels to Low-Cost Workforce Housing Units

Having a safe house to live in is a basic necessity. Maxwell Drever says it’s is the first step towards having a quality life where one can have access to all the amenities of a balanced life. Yet housing is a crucial issue that most Americans have been facing for a while now. The increasing housing costs have made it challenging for most people in the workforce population to have access to homes in urban areas. As a result, they get compelled to move to rural and sub-urban areas and put up at low-quality homes. That is not all. A vast section of people in America is homeless because they got evicted and end up sleeping on the streets.

The other reality that the pandemic resulted in is the low occupancy rates in hotels because of the decline in national and international travel. And that has made most hotel owners think twice about the future of their hotel business. Since the housing crisis is acute, many hotel owners have decided to step in and help in a way that their properties also come to use. Hence, hotel owners are handing over their unused and broken hotels to the developers to transform them into housing units for the workforce solution.

The task is critical that needs dedication and planning

When you hear that a prominent hotel is all set to get converted into a housing unit for the low-income household, you automatically feel delighted and excited. Also, the process might appear pretty easy once the resources are in place. However, getting the resources in place and identifying the requirements is challenging. And it is here that most hotel owners need expert help. That is why most hotel owners today count on the guidelines and suggestions shared by Galen and Maxwell Drever.

The reason for this dependence?

Just because a hotel is not working well or as expected doesn’t mean a hotel owner should hand it over to a developer to convert it to a housing unit. The hotel owner must investigate the future potential of the hotel and decide whether or not it can do business in the days to come as the travel situation gets improves. Here the hotel owner doesn’t only need to assess his business plans but also check the market trends and the opportunities that lie ahead of him.

That is not all. Even when a hotel owner decides to get his property converted to a low-cost housing unit for the workforce population, they need to execute the process precisely and carefully. For instance, the hotel now needs to undergo a complete transformation so that it can function correctly as a low-cost residence for the low-income group of people. That means it needs to curb its lavish appeal and grandeur and slip into the form of a utility-based apartment that will provide the essential amenities to the workforce population who can afford the rent.

Hence, hotel owners need to ensure that the conversion gets the correct aesthetics and utility. And for all these, they need expert guidance from Maxwell Drever and Galen. It gives them the right know-how and confidence to go about the project.